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Schooling the world, one sugary snack at a time


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."  – Nelson Mandela

               Haiti Scholarship Association

Charitable Confections’ “charity du jour”  -- Haiti Scholarship Association -- is really more of a mise en place organization.  All of the top quality ingredients, such as determination, devotion, and love, had been arranged on the counter top, but the guidance of a master chef was needed to arrange those morsels into a coherent and substantial dish. The volunteer staff of Charitable Confections has been trying its best to serve HSA in this sort of mentorship role. 

Haiti Scholarship Association is a non-denominational, educational organization that began in Cite Soleil in April 2012, following a conference -- organized by a group of local young intellectuals -- that addressed community problems such as: banditry; violence; juvenile delinquency; consequences of marginalization and exclusion; and limited access to education.

HSA serves as a bridge between Port-au-Prince-based orphans and destitute children and the costly education they are unable to afford. This year, they sponsored 10 primary school children, paying for their full tuition, as well as for their uniforms, shoes, and backpacks --  all of which are mandatory for entry into any academic program.  HSA also provided an additional 40 children with school supplies.  

Charitable Confections hopes to continue expanding the bridge that HSA built. Together, we can lift children out of poverty with the power of educaion.



You can read more about HSA founder, Marcel Jean, in one of our articles for the Harvard Review of Latin America:


Photos by Marcel, Geoff, and Linda.  Slideshow by Linda.